We source our produce from markets across Scotland, from Peterhead to Fraserburgh and as far North as Lerwick in the Shetlands. Our years of experience means we only use the most trusted and very best suppliers across Scotland. The local day boats and shellfish suppliers we use have also been handpicked by us to ensure only the best products get delivered to our customers.


The main bulk of our white and prime fish is sourced from Peterhead market such as Haddock, Cod, Coley and Halibut. We also have trusted buyers on markets in Fraserburgh and Scrabster.

Lerwick market in the Shetlands is where we source most of our Lemon Sole, Monkfish, Scallops and Mussels.

Along the North East coast of Scotland is where we work closely with local day boats to source some of the very best shellfish in Scotland from Pittenweem to Aberdeen. These boats supply us with Brown Crab and Lobsters and when in season Scottish Squid and Mackerel.
The West coast of Scotland boast some of the best Langoustines in the world. We select only the very best creel caught specimens.

All produce goes through a rigorous grading process when it is purchased, when it arrives and before it goes out of our premises to ensure only the very best end result reaches our customers.

 Sustainability is very important to us. We work as close as we can to the boats and buyer across the country to make sure our produce is not only from sustainable stocks but also sourced using sustainable fishing methods.

We want nothing more than to see the fishing trade flourish for generations to come.